Training & Certification

Personnel, Vehicles, Equipment, Training and Insurance


Our service comes with 2-3 people depending on the scope of the job requirements.


We provide our service with a LWB van with trailer. These have a combined holding capacity of 16m square and keep the client’s belongings safe and sound during transit.


We are equipped with all the necessary moving aids to keep items safe during transit (such as trolleys, dolleys, straps, tarps and blankets). With more than 5 years experience , we are well versed on how to pack and safely transport items. We provide packing essentials such as boxes, foam, tape.


Our team undergo training through a number of ways. On-the-job training, lived experience, NDIS Safeguard training and Trauma-informed care training.  We will soon commence studies in Certificate 2 in Furniture Removals. This is to ensure we are not missing anything helpful.

We maintain personal and professional integrity, develop skills and knowledge in welfare. Our team come with lived experience of their own. The removalists are noted for their professionalism and politeness by clients.

The removalists take pride in their continuously developing skills and they enjoy supporting and learning from each other in a positive, non-judgmental environment. The impact of the removalists working at RFH is an increase in their capacity to build on social connectedness and reduce isolation.


We have Public Liability Insurance that covers up to $5 million for items that may be damaged during your move. We also have contents insurance for items stored in our storage facilites.


Service Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the requirements of the client are agreed to by Removals for Hope. It is also to ensure the client agrees to using RFH according to our  terms and conditions:

  • Additional items are not added after confirmation of booking and quote given (unless the client has spoken to Jenny Newman (Manager) and has been approved to add additional items at the time of the move). Not doing so may incur an additional cost
  • Parking and access to the pick up and drop off addresses are explained in the booking
  • All loose items must be packed into boxes and/ or bags. Not doing so may incur an additional cost
  • Clients are to allow the removalists to provide the service with minimal interference. If they would like to help, Removals for Hope takes no responsibility for injury or damage to items
  • Items placed on vehicles are loaded and organised to the removalist’s discretion and must not be interfered with.
  • Removals for Hope takes no responsibility for lost or damaged property. We take the upmost care in transporting items. However, we do have public liability insurance which can be used in the case of extensive damages occurring